I thought I Knew my Purpose

I sat across the table of a young man who finally accepted his call to become a Pastor and an evangelist. It was wonderful hearing about their future plans to serve God. In the middle of the conversation, I asked each of them if they were clear on what their God-given purpose was and they were very surprised at the question. They thought that they call to the ministry was indeed their purpose/destiny. As we continued to talk they were very amazed to discover that their ministry call and destiny were not one and the same.

There is a difference between your call and your destiny.

Here is the key – once you understand your purpose & destiny, it greatly influences how you do ministry.

Your destiny/purpose determines how you uniquely perform your call. It’s what distinguishes you from 100 other Pastors or Evangelists. For example, the evangelist that I talked to discovered that her destiny was to serve teenagers who had either been involved in the sex slave trade industry or prostitution. This would be her predominate focus. Yes, she could share the gospel with anyone but she discovered that she experienced a greater level of anointing and effectiveness when she operated in her destiny. This was very specific and clear. What was also clear was the kind of impact God wanted her to have in their lives and how she was going to do it. She was going to do a whole lot more than just preach the gospel to them. This was obviously an important first step but he wanted her to build on that so that they could healthy productive lives and have healthy relationships.

The clearer you understand your purpose/destiny, the more effective you will be in whatever ministry or career you pursue.

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